What I’ve been doing: rock show?

I recently went to a gem and mineral show in Spruce Pines, NC. The travel was about 2 hours up to the mountains. My sister and I surprisingly didn’t get lost, as we usually do when we travel up there.

(I remembered the way there because it was near the barn quilt trail and I’ve recently become obsessed with those things….I’ll write about that eventually.)

The venue was held in an old Food Lion. In the produce was carvings and crystals, beading was in the freezer section, and in the deli was fossils. Hundreds of vendors came out and sold that day, even though it was one of many mineral shows going on in the area. (Yes, there were like three on that same street. The mountains hold mystifyingly strange people that have a need for these things and I love it.)

Overall the experience was amazing and exhausting. The overwhelming amount of sparkling gems, towering fossils, and captivating sculptures made me wanting a nap from too much excitement. The building was also very hot, something I had not noted until an older vendor with a fantastic accent started fanning me with his basket, joking that he would charge $5 an hour…

I honestly could have spent hundreds of dollars there. The vendors beckoned and I was very entranced and forthcoming. I did however buy  a few things that were obvious necessities. These things included an opal egg that was being sold for $3, I gave the man a dollar and a pocket full of quarters and dimes. We both agreed counting was an unnecessary caution and far too much work. At another booth, I bought some carvings. My sister says I have an obsession with strange carvings, I say I’m going to have on hell of a bookcase display one day.





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