Who I’ve Been: Your local wedding photographer?

While visiting with family I was given the opportunity to assist my aunt with a job, given to her by the family we did engagement photos for last year. They loved the photos we did for their engagement so much so that we were invited to come back and take pictures for their wedding.

I have never taken photos for such an important event, so I was completely nervous up until the moments the wedding was over. The people in the wedding party were the calmest people I have ever met, though. I feel as if I could’ve left with only 30 good photos and they would have just been happy to have that much. However, we left with around 5000 pictures.

The wedding was in a school-turned-event-venue and it was absolutely gorgeous. They were still working on renovating the entire area but what they used for the wedding turned out great for the event. They had a chapel, reception area (in what I expect was once the cafeteria area), and an outside courtyard area for photos. Once inside, you couldn’t even tell the place was once a school. It was decorated beautifully and every picture with its surrounding scenery turned out to be so pretty. If you’re ever planning a wedding in Kentucky, I’d definitely recommend checking out Old School Events in Pinsonfork.

Even though the wedding and reception was amazing, at the end of the day, I was very happy to kick off my shoes and be back in pants. I don’t know how professional photographers do it. I think I’ll stick with low-key product and travel photography for now.


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