What I’ve Been Doing: The Journey Here

So I haven’t been writing recently.

Currently, I am writing this sitting in a jeep-shaped bed. I was given the choice between a child’s car shaped bed or a regular bed and this is what I have decided. I don’t know why I do this to myself.

The journey to get me to this point started around 11:30 am. My cousin arrived at my house to take me to West Virginia to stay for a couple of weeks. We made it about a mile down the road before my cousin stopped for a beer run. (He is in love with Ingles beer section. It took him an hour to choose what he wanted to stock up on.)

After our stops, we headed off unto 321, then as we reached Hickory we stopped for food at a Cracker Barrel. I had never eaten there before and it was scary. Southern food places scare me. Once we were full, we were on the road again, off to Tennessee. Yes, our route took us from North Carolina, to Tennessee, to Virginia, to Kentucky, to West Virginia.


It was a gorgeous drive even though the path was strange and ever-re-routing. It rained for a majority of the drive but we drowned out the sound of the falling sky by singing loudly and horribly. The entire trip become a heartfelt, intense sing-along journey. Between serenading the random people driving by us and dangerously dancing as the roads winded around the mountains, I’m surprised we survived.

Yet, I sit here in my jeep-shaped bed, excited for the continued journey this week holds.


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