What I’ve Been Doing: Adventure Always.

Recently I have been taking any opportunity to travel wherever I can, whenever I can.

So far this has resulted in a trip to the Blueridge with my sister, climbing up any trail we could find.


We began our day at the Linville Caverns where we took a spelunking tour. I was far too excited about this because caves are genuinely my favorite place to be (is that strange? I may be a bat.) I was too afraid to stop and take flash pictures because my sister and I were in the middle of the pack, so all of my pictures are rather dark and a complete blur. Other than my sister and I, there was a couple and a big family with many small children on the tour and yet we still managed to be one of the smaller groups. I would love to go on a far less busy day, but the business didn’t stop my excitement at all. The tour was amazing and I would absolutely take it again. After the tour, I spent far too much in the gift shop, which at least serves as proof that I was there? ( I can rationalize anything.)

After the cavern, we drove to the Falls and hiked up the trail of an overpass. I was completely awestruck by the sight of everything. Everywhere you could look was breathtaking, with the small falls on the left, a whirlpool to the front, and rapid-y down-cliff falls (in the picture above) to the right. Overall, Linville has been added to one of my favorite places to go and I want to go back immediately.


10 hours, 3 trails, and many miles later, we found the trail we were really looking for. Our trip ended with this trail, Beacon Heights, which led us to an open face mountain top. It gave the best view of the Appalachia below. We didn’t stay long because we were starving and exhausted by the time we got here from the previous trails we hiked (and the two extra stops on the trail for panic attacks, woops!) but overall I’m so glad I made it to the top and it was so hard to leave.

The climb up consisted of hopping on one slippery rock after the other (Yes, we went after it had rained, we’re not the smartest.) The trail was narrow and thriving with overgrowth. Near the top, however, the trees parted and revealed a beautiful open face of rock. Pictures can’t describe how interesting and awe-inspiring the mountain top truly was. At first, I was terrified to leave the treeline, because the rock seemed to be in constant decline and I did not plan on falling off a mountain that day. Although, eventually I ventured off and realized the face was much larger than I had expected and immediately my fear was replaced by wonder. In the picture above shows my sister explaining the formation of the rock. (She knew this spot because she came with her Geology class previously). We walked around for a while after this and took in the sight of the earth below. Eventually, however, we decided we needed to leave and get food, which was still a hour drive away.

Our climb down was very motivated.


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